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In 1565 a fortified tower was built on the estuary of the lake known as Porta Beltrame in response to the danger posed by attacks from marauding pirates. It became a part of the military's coastal defence plan established by the Medici family and continued in its role as a protector against sea attacks right up until the 19th century. It was destroyed during the Second World War.

Cinquale's origins as a tourist destination began in the period between the world wars, when it became a settlement for care centres, attracting well-known figures drawn there for its wonderful climate and the facilities on offer.


Today Cinquale is a small and tranquil seaside location, just a short and easy cycle along the seafront from Forte dei Marmi. The nearby riverbanks afford pleasant walks from the recently-built harbour to the Versilia Golf Course whilst nature lovers can enjoy the fauna of the protected marshland sanctuary of "Lago del Porta".

The entire area is dominated by Aghinolfi Castle which soars above the hills behind. Surrounded by its original walls, it offers stunning views of the coast. Included among the 1000 Marvels of Italy, its beautiful lighting creates a spectacular night time effect.

Below the castle is the Villa Shiff-Giorgini, a noble 19th century residence with a beautiful garden boasting an impressive array of marble statues. In its time it hosted numerous famous guests including the writer Alessandro Manzoni whose daughter Victoria lived there, having married the eminent politician Giambattista Giorgini. Today the villa houses the town hall and hosts exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year.


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